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How we do it?

The Secret? People care about WIIFT

No one really moves or takes action in life until they understand their "WIIFT." WIIFT means (Whats In It For Them) This philosophy is how we continue to make our events successful for our dealers after 24+ years in the automotive promotion and marketing business. WIIFT for our clients? We spend our energy keeping our finger on the pulse of what is new and what is working so our dealers focus on selling cars! We have engineered products that our dealers can count on to drive traffic!! Utilizing our ability to target the same customer through multiple media’s like Direct Mail, Social Media 1:1 direct lead targeting, Email, Ringless Voicemails and Text Campaigns combined with a powerful live BDC department that makes sure no lead is ever missed before during or after the sale. This ensures our clients have the traffic they need to ring the bell! Our online dealer dashboard provides real time stats and lead generation for our dealers to make sure they are not stuck “waiting for something to happen” they are out there “Making it happen” Our proven process for success that we have honed over our career makes it easy for any size dealer with any level of sales crew to follow and engage with their customers and show them “WIIFT”  and in doing this we can turn lookers into opportunities establish relationships and produce buyers! WIIFY? Whats in it for you? Conversions! More Sales! Here is our motto - No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care! Our Event Directors are the return on your investment you need to feel confident in your event! Leading by example our Event Directors wont just talk about how to raise the bar with your team they will give them the tools that they need and empower them with the confidence to grow and use them on a daily basis leaving your store more powerful then ever before.

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A Slasher Sale Story

This was a fun short video shot live at one of our events years  back. It was intended to become a TV show which never worked but it's still a lot of fun to watch! Times have changed and some faces too but the same key elements remain. Have fun, get excited, show people WIIFT, and People buy cars.